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How our dating service works

The best words telling about our service quality are words of thanks of our customers. We can't post them all here but few of them could make first and the most important impression about our service.

By the way you will be able to read testimonials of our customers when browsing ladies gallery. And we promise you that we will do our best to get such testimonial from you soon.

Hello Anastasia,
I will like to cancel my membership with your service. I have met a Russian girl through your service and we now communicate on our own. We will see what happens with our future. One way or the other, I will email back with a good reference. And if it really works out well, I will let you know where the honeymoon will be :-) My name is Dale Carter and my account number is 54504. Thanks for all your help. Sincerely,
Dale C., Denmark
July 2005

Mary did a great job translating. These are special moments for me and for Olga. First phone conversation and Mary did a fine job.
I am going to call her one more time before I go to Ukraine. If I set up during the work week I'd like to again ask if you could translate the call. It would be nice to talk to you again. "spaSIba"
Scott, USA
December 2004

I am writing to you today, to tell you that I want to cancel my membership to Anastasia. I have found the loves of my life on your service. I say "loves," because I have found two women with whom I am corresponding with exclusively. Laarisa and Marina. I intend to travel to your country this summer to spend time with each of them and to see which lady would be the happiest with me. I have nothing but the highest praise for your service and what it has meant to my life. You have been a great help to me and have always been quick to respond to my requests or questions. The ladies that you represent are the best on the web and I wish I could marry all of them! I appreciate your kindness and care, and I hope that I could count on your help when I travel to the Ukraine in a few months to meet with these two ladies.
Your friend,
Greg L.
February 2004

I am enthusiastic with your network. In my opinion, you are the most inviting and comprehensive system I have evaluated, thus far. I am confident that I will accomplish my sincere effort with your service exclusively
Randy A, CA
November 2004

I have been a member for one week now -- and have got many messages from beautiful women in former USSR.
I am really impressed by the level of service that is offered by Anastasia. So thank you very much, your staff do a very good job!
Johannes I., Norway
November 2004

Dear Anastasia: I wish to thank you for providing this service and I want you to know that I had a lot of fun on the social I attended in Odessa this last September. I have not found anyone at this point and I might consider going to another social at a different time. Again, thank you for your help and Have a Happy Holiday!! Sincerely,
Danny O.

Dear Sirs,
thank you for an excellent service and professional site, far better than many of your competitors. Once again excellent website.
Sincerelly yours,
Peter A.


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